Yacht Charter Agreement

Yacht Charter Agreement

Terms and Conditions –

Article 1 – General
1. Golden Treasures (GT) offers yacht charters in Sosua.

2. We reserve the right to change routes as well as start and end locations when weather conditions, shallows or other legitimate reasons so require. We will, as far as possible, inform passengers thereof in a timely manner.  Our tours depart from Sosua Beach, and sail along the shores of Alicia, Casa Marina, and Imbert Beach.

3. The captain and skipper are always in charge. Safety is paramount.

4. By booking a private yacht charter you are accepting the terms and conditions of GT, even if the yacht is provided by a third party provider working with GT.

Article 2 – Private charters
1. Private charter tours are regular trips that can be booked via our customer service agents.

2. Passengers for a Private charter tour shall be present 15 minutes before departure at the departure point agreed in the booking.

3. GT private yacht tours include beer (1 case), water bottles, sodas and light snacks.  Customers who want to bring any extra food or drinks to the tour are welcome to do so.

4. It is forbidden to smoke inside the yacht please use the bridge areas (upper lounge). Note that cigar smoke on a yacht might make other people more prone to dizziness.

5. Passengers should note that one enters the boat by transferring from a fast boat boarded on the beach. Unfortunately the boat is not wheelchair accessible.

6. There are toilets available on every yacht, and other features as stated in each listing.

7. The rental length for a cruise is 4 hours unless specified otherwise. The charter is not considered confirmed until a reservation payment is received.
8. Boat rental from GT always includes the crew (skipper, captain and host).  Renters are not allowed to operate the yacht.

Article 3 – Liability
1. GT is not liable for any damage to and/or loss of the passenger’s property. The passenger takes all their property on board entirely at their own risk. Passengers can request a search for an item left behind, and GT will do its best to find it.

2. GT is not liable for damages to individuals or passengers’ goods, caused by entering or boarding a jetty or boat. The passenger enters these areas entirely at their own risk. All the yachts we charter include mandatory insurance as per Dominican Republic law on tour operators.

Article 4 – Liability passenger
1 The passenger is liable for damages caused by the passenger to the property/goods used by GT or third parties.

2. All activities organized by GT take place entirely at the passengers’ own risk. Please exercise caution when on boats.

Article 5 – General Liability
1. GT is not liable for personal injury or damage of any nature, regardless of its cause, prior, during or as a result of the trip. Exception to this is damage caused by a deliberate act or the gross negligence of GT. The statutory damages are limited to the price of the yacht rental of the trip in question.

2. Children fall under the responsibility of the parent(s). Children under the age of 5 are forbidden. On request, a life jacket can be provided. Also, adult life jackets for survival situations are readily available at the yacht.

3. Should extreme weather (Storm, Hurricane, choppy sea conditions) force a cancellation of the tour, full refund of the reservation deposit is returned to the customer. Cancellation with 30 or more days in advance gets a full refund minus processing fee of 10%.

4. Cancellations due to personal issues will not be refunded, this includes events such as weddings, bachelor parties, etc; last minute changes in schedule will bear a surcharge and are subject to availability.


© MMXXIII Golden Treasures, Dominican Republic.

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