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    Some Lessons in Architecture - Ocean View House in Cabarete

    Cabarete, a beach town that enjoys constant good weather all year long in the Northern coast of the Dominican Republic, is facing constant growth in the real estate market, and with it a new wave of architectural styles and designs never seen before in the island. Affecting design these days is the concern of buyers towards the investment security.

    Recently, because of the last episodes of Tsunamis hitting Asia and Japan, several people have contacted us about buying  houses  with  ocean   view  but set in cliffs or high land, some suggesting that they`re a bit afraid of a possible Tsunami striking the coast. In a country like the Dominican Republic this would be a very rare event, which we hope never happens.

    A very particular listing for sale  in   Cabarete , Dominican Republic is the featured home Ref SPC0825, which is an excellent example of the types of homes concerned buyers would love, to save on extra expenses and the high budgets of buying an oceanfront home. We won`t mention Tsunamis because in its long history, the Dominican Republic has enjoyed peace of mind in regards to those natural events. This 313 m2  ocean   view  home was built on a 400 square meter lot, and has 2 levels plus a lower basement level built conveniently with the sloping land.The builder and designer of the villa has built some of the best projects in the North coast, and this home shows its quality and resistance when seen up close on location.

    This new ocean view villa in  Cabarete  is for sale by Golden Treasures Real Estate, with a price tag of US$395,000.00, click here for the listing.

    This  house  has a contemporary design with sleek lines and lots of glass windows and doors to allow the panoramic  views  of the  ocean , about 180 degrees, and the cool Caribbean breeze of the North Dominican Republic ( the Atlantic  Ocean  ). The main floor is the street level one, which has three bedrooms, 2 bathrooms and the stairway to the second floor where a large living room has an elegant wall of fine wood collage that accents the polished cement flooring that goes throughout the  house . A floor to ceiling wall of glass doors access the swimming pool area where an elevated pool offers striking  views  of the nearby beach, mostly awe inspiring  views  of the surrounding  ocean . The  house  has a total of 4 bedrooms, 3.5 bathrooms all of which have prime design closets.

    A small bathroom next to the pool area shows stylish finish materials, and a winding stair leads up to the roof terrace that holds a wooden pergola and transparent glass fencing around the roof for protection. This roof terrace or solarium is a perfect place to party, have family and friends for BBQ time or just sit and relax watching sunrises and sundowns. The bathrooms are very classy, built with fine wood and imported stone, a symphony of black white with gray rock finish. This property sits just 15 minutes from the international POP airport in Puerto Plata, and under a 10 minute drive to Sosua and its magnificent beaches.

    The villa in  Cabarete  is pretty close to some of the best beaches, within walking distance as an added convenience.

    This villa is a classic example that when building a  house , it is best to spend some extra to make sure the soil is evaluated and the elevation analyzed , specially when you build next to an empty lot that`s lower than the land you`re building on. This because we`ve seen some homes for sale in Puerto Plata and other areas where the neighbor digs a foundation too close to the perimeter wall base of the next door ( back ) home, and then the neighbor`s home starts to crack due to the effect of a weakened ground base. This would never happen if the base is solid rock, but most of the homes nearer to mountains such as the Isabel de Torres must be monitored for second row constructions if you buy over an empty lot, to make sure you keep an eye on how close they dig their foundation in relation to your perimeter.

    The land on this  house  was worked on at a good distance from the neighbor`s boundaries and the extra strenght columns supporting the  house  and swimming pool are visibly built with high construction standards. A dramatic scenery is the every day treat for the future owners of the villa, because it offers almost 300 degree  views  at the top terrace in the roof, accessed through the winding stairs. This is the first of four  ocean   view  homes to be built on a piece of land that`s to become a small private community close to the beach and just 5 minutes away from  Cabarete `s main town center.

    180-Degree ocean views from the elevated ground of the house

    The  ocean   views  of the  house  are impressive, and the road that leads to the beach which is just a few minutes away on foot.

    For visits on this villa for sale in Cabarete  contact Edward Rivas at 809-377-2038 / 829-477-2038 or send an email by visiting the contact page for Golden Treasures Real Estate:


    ©MMXI all rights reserved Edward Rivas for Golden Treasures Real Estate.

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    A Mansion like no other - Luxury House in Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic

    In the  Dominican   Republic , most people associate mansions and large homes to Sosua, Cabarete or Cabrera, because a lot of luxury villas and homes are built in those towns of the North coast. Puerto Plata also has some nice surprises, in places like Bayardo, Jardines del Atlantico and Torre Alta. One such magnificent home draws attention due to its splendor and comfort, a truly desirable piece of  Dominican  real estate. Being a beach and ocean front town in a Caribbean island and just 2 hours flight time from the United States, Puerto Plata is a natural choice for foreign and local investors.

    This 4 suites/ 5 bathrooms deluxe residence was built on a 1800 square meter piece of land, around 19,375 square feet of land taking a full block in a top class residential community. The living space amounts to 800 m2 ( 8,611.19 sq. ft.) of prime, top quality construction with imported materials from all over the world, just see the photos. A large garden holds an ample gazebo with lounge furniture and a beautiful swimming pool with outdoor jacuzzi. Inside this mansion, the portico at the entrance leads to a reception area with living room and family room, all furnished with world class luxury furnishings imported from Asia and Africa. American sculptures are set against marble floors and stained glass windows tower up against the stair walls to the second level where a terrace stands outside of the den and TV area.

    Two kitchens, cold and hot are right next to the laundry room, and three suites are located in the main floor below. The grand master suite takes over the second floor with a massive amount of square feet that includes 2 walk in closets and a Jacuzzi next to the twin vanities for him and her. This definitely is one of the nicest luxury homes for sale in Puerto Plata, and might make it to the North coast rating list. The house is kept in pristine condition by the owner, and can be used as a second home or retirement house in this caribbean island.

    This mansion home is listed for sale at the price of US$1,350,000.00 which makes it cheaper than many similar villas or houses of its kind in the  Dominican   Republic . Fully equipped with back up power generator, alarm, CCTV camera system, perimeter wall and dog kennel, as expected for a house with so much luxury in it. Feel free to contact Edward Rivas at 809-377-2038 / 829-477-2038 for more information if you are looking for a property around this price. Golden Treasures Real Estate has a large selection of houses and villas in Puerto Plata, you can browse the selection online at

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    The villa that deconstructed the real estate market in the Dominican Republic

    Investing in the Dominican Republic takes some time spent on a computer searching Google and other search engines for information on the best real estate listings, and in the case of higher income bracket individuals, that includes beach and ocean front properties. Most people call or email realtors inquiring for a beach front villa or house meeting certain criteria and price; just to realize the truth: there are fewer and fewer ocean front homes available in the island, because nice vistas usually carry a high price tag. Beach land is costly, though as in any other market there`s always hidden gems to discover.

    One such listing that might influence the market is a villa built 10 minutes away from Cabarete that seems to be flawless in terms of amenities. Its main building has a custom design facade of old Spanish style with subtle strokes of a more modern architecture. Its 5 bedrooms include 2 in the second floor with amazing vistas of the ocean, and the beach just beyond the fence. Tall cathedral wooden ceilings grace the mezzanine connecting the villa in the second level, with glass windows bringing in the ocean views. The living room below has plenty of space for fine furnishings, and the luxury kitchen in white painted wood and black counter tops perfectly match the tropical decoration in the house.

    The villa has a nice classic design, with a bar and swimming pool standing between the main house and the beach, which also has breathtaking ocean views.

    This two story beach home with Victorian-era accents has wraparound verandas and a nice portico that acts like a carport to enter the house right on top of the drive way. A small house for the guard is really a maid`s quarters but is being used as the guard`s quarters. The garage facing it by the main powered gate entrance can accommodate cars both sides, though the other side facing the beach was built to store a boat, since there`s a boat access from the beach to that area. Very few properties can get access to a boat slip in the whole North coast. From any side of the main villa there`s a expanse of green grass area, with the swimming pool standing in front of the beach, by the villa and a large building destined for a private gym with sauna and work out machines. This can be used to add 2 rooms to the house, which already has 5 plus the other 3 in the guest house.

    The bar with thatched roofing next to the mangroves ( there`s a natural mangrove next door that partially edges into the boundaries of the land ) is fantastic for open parties and family gatherings. Geese, turtles and other small animals have inhabited these mangroves, which are protected by law and make the usage of the beachfront land next to the use impossible - noone can block the side view to the expanse of beach - simply too good but true.

    The property has a drive way that ends in a parking veranda attached to the rear of the main house. The kitchen seen here in white, and an ocean view bedroom.

    Buying the same villa in Sosua, Puerto Plata or Cabarete`s main communities nearer to kite beach would cost around US$1.6 mm or higher, and maintenance would be also far more expensive. Beach houses in Sosua and nearby tourist areas are considered expensive because there`s just a few with beach front or ocean view land. Kilometers of beach await the new owners of the villa, and it means paying US$485k for the villa and 2,575 m2 of land or close to one million dollars for the entire walled property with its guest house and other buildings ( over 900 m2 of construction ).

    For those who really want it all, there`s even more land available in the back of the house, around 6,000 extra meters that would probably be cool if the plan was to create bungalows for a surf camp or a beach hotel concept. In any case, this can be called the flawless beach villa away from everything and yet close enough to make it worth owning. Golden Treasures Real Estate can sell this property as a fractional ownership between two or more people, to split the purchase costs, usage and maintenance. Since the market is shaking due to the world economic crisis, this property is expected to sell sooner than most. See more of this Cabarete villa for sale, click here.

    Cabarete is one of the nicest places in the Dominican Republic, world famous for its active water sports life.


        809-377-2038 / 829-477-2038

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